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Sync Network Options - Honeywell IFP-2100 Installation And Operation Manual

Analog/addressable fire system emergency communication system
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Select whether a Message or Tone Only should be played. If Message is selected, choose the desired mes-
sage for the command.
Select the tone to be played between messages. (High-Lo, ANSI Whoop, Cont. Whoop, ANSI, March Code,
California, Steady, Alert Tone, or No Tones).
Note: 520Hz tones are available when using ECS-VCM, ECS-NVCM, ECS-INT50W or ECS-Dual50W AMP's.
These include ANSI 520, Temp 4 520, Steady 520. See Table A-6 for a list of compatible speakers.
Select how many times you wish the message to repeat. (None, 1 - 14, or Continuous).
10. Select the initial delay time (0, 3, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28).
11. Select the inter message delay time (4 to 32 seconds, in 4 second increments).
12. Select Y or N to allow message to continue to play after Mic release.
13. Select Y or N to allow message to restart on a new activation.

Sync Network Options

If after making changes to network programming, the distribution of network options fail, the system will report
a trouble of network options out of sync. Use this menu to redistribute changed options to the rest of the network.
The user will be required to choose a panel to source the options from. Scroll down through the informational
message and press ENTER to view the Select Source screen.
Enter the installer code. The panel will automatically go to the main menu.
Select 6 for Network Programming Menu.
Select 8 for Sync Network Options.
Select which panel to source the options from.
Table 6-3 Voice Command Mapping
System Event
Emergency Communication 7
Emergency Communication 8
Fire Supervisory
System Alert 1-5
Fire Interlock Release
Fire Interlock Alert
Custom Emergency Comm
Emergency Supervisory
CO Alarm
CO Supervisory
Last time the date & time were
updated on panel.
Network Management
If 2 panels have the
same chk sum, network
options are in sync.


Table of Contents

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