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Microphone Mode; Message Mode; Custom Ecs Event; Passing Ecs Control - Honeywell IFP-2100 Installation And Operation Manual

Analog/addressable fire system emergency communication system
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Model IFP-2100/ECS Installation Manual
operating in Message Mode the user can dynamically activate/deactivate output areas for system notification to
take place in. The Select Key red LED will become lit and the circuits in the output group(s) will become active
and play the currently active ECS event message when activated. When deactivated, the Select Key red LED will
become unlit and the circuits in the output group(s) will become inactive. Non-voice output groups can also be
assigned to Select Keys and will toggle on/off using the activation cadence assigned to it in output group
programming. This is available in the panel and in HFSS Honeywell Fire Software Suite. See Section

Microphone Mode

Microphone Mode allows the user to press the Select Keys to toggle which output areas to speak to over the
microphone. The green LEDs next to the Select Keys will activate or deactivate.

Message Mode

In Message Mode, the user is able to press the ECS message Keys to choose a message and press the Select Keys
to activate or deactivate which output areas the message will be played. This will activate or deactivate the green
and red LEDs next to the ECS Message Keys and the red LEDs next to the Select Keys.

Custom ECS Event

Custom ECS events allows the user to generate an ECS event and speak a custom message using the microphone.
Once the user is done speaking the message, the tone and any associated strobes will continue to be active in the
output areas.
To generate a Custom ECS Event:
Gain ECS Control using the ECS Control Key when there is not an ECS Event active.
Activate the microphone.
Choose desired output areas using the Select Keys.
Speak custom message into microphone.

Passing ECS Control

Passing of ECS Control is allowed when two LOCs have the same priority. When it is possible to pass control, a
prompt (similar to Figure 11-2) will display in which the user can: request control from the LOC with ECS
Control, enter an access code with the ECS Super User profile option to override the other LOC, or wait for the
lockout timer to expire (if applicable).
Figure 11-2 Request ECS Control with Lockout Timer Active
When passing ECS Control between two ECS Super Users, the user is not shown the prompt screen. Instead, a


Table of Contents

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