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Loading Automatically Created Configuration To The Pc; Adapting Configuration - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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Detailed commissioning steps

10.8.5 Loading automatically created configuration to the PC

10.8.6 Adapting configuration

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Building Technologies
Fire Safety
The description in this chapter only applies if a configuration has not yet been
loaded to the 'Station' and if the ↑ BDV was installed at the 'Station' after the
'Station' was started for the first time.
1. Select the 'File' > 'New site' menu item.
 The 'Create new site' window opens.
2. Select the 'Upload from station(s)' option field.
3. Click on 'Next'.
 The 'Create site by uploading from station(s)' and 'Connect' windows are
4. In the 'Connect' window, select 'Local connection' and then click on 'OK'.
 The configuration is loaded to 'Cerberus-Engineering-Tool'.
 The progress is displayed in the 'Create site by uploading from station(s)'
 The 'Site properties' window is opened after loading.
5. Change the entries if required and click on 'OK'.
 The 'New site confirmation' window opens.
6. Click on 'Yes'.
 The 'Site' is opened in Cerberus-Engineering-Tool.
Adapt the configuration of the ↑ 'Site' in Cerberus-Engineering-Tool, e.g.:
Changing customer texts
Setting the properties and the parameter sets
Changing allocation of 'Zones' and 'Sections'
Configuring controls
Configuring the operating and display units
Configuring the network
You will find information on configuring an ↑ 'Site' in document A6V10210424.
See chapter 'Applicable documents'.

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