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Commissioning - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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Creating a backup of the 'Site' configuration
10 Commissioning
84 | 118
Building Technologies
Fire Safety
This chapter describes initial commissioning of the Cerberus PRO fire control panel
(individual control panel, not networked).
Activating access level
Start auto-configuration
Display C-NET line devices
Enter customer texts for the control panel, C-NET and individual line devices
via the control panel keypad
Figure 31: Line tester FDUL221
Connecting C-NET and line tester to the station at the same time
The line tester or station may be damaged.
Do not connect C-NET and line tester to the station at the same time.
ϖ C-NET is not yet connected to the station.
ϖ Before commissioning and auto-configuration of the stations, the connected C-
NET loops or stubs must be checked for correct function using the FDUL221
line tester.
1. Connect the line tester FDUL221 to the C-NET detector line.
2. Test the C-NET detector line for short-circuits, open lines, and ground faults.
3. Check the number of devices on the C-NET detector line based on the display
on the line tester.
4. Check the branch-off position of the stubs and the number of devices at the
5. Check the type of the respective C-NET device.
6. Remedy any errors/faults which may be active before commissioning or auto-
You will find information about line tester FDUL221 in document 008250.

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