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Remove The Elements; Testing Detectors - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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10.8.15 Remove the elements

10.8.16 Testing detectors Activate the detector Testing logged test activations
Building Technologies
Fire Safety
If you have uninstalled an C-NET device for good, the corresponding elements,
e.g. the 'Cerberus-Engineering-Tool' must be removed from the logical structure
trees in Zone. You can search for elements using the 'Find' function.
You will find more information in document A6V10210424. See chapter 'Applicable
The commissioning personnel perform the function test for the ↑ automatic fire
detectors and the 'Manual call points'.
You will find additional information about the individual steps on the specified
ϖ The ↑ detector line has been commissioned.
1. Switch the test mode on. Link [➙ 104]
2. Initiate the detector. Link [➙ 103]
3. Switch normal operation on. Link [➙ 104]
4. Test the logged test activations. Link [➙ 103]
ϖ DETECTOR TEST is switched on.
1. Activate all automatic 'Detectors' and 'Manual call points' using the
corresponding tools.
2. Write down the sequence of the test activations.
 The ↑ alarm indicator for the activated detector flashes at each test activation.
 If an ↑ external alarm indicator is connected and correspondingly configured,
the external alarm indicator also lights up.
You will find information about triggering detectors in document A6V10212047.
See chapter 'Applicable documents'.
1. Test the logged test activations. This can be done in two ways:
↑ Person Machine Interface: Select 'Event memory' in the main menu.
Cerberus-Engineering-Tool: Select the 'Commissioning' > 'Upload site
event memory' menu items.
2. Rectify existing errors if necessary, e.g., if the ↑ alarm indicator has not flashed
or no test entries exist.
Detailed commissioning steps
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