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Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual page 83

Fire control panel
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Building Technologies
Fire Safety
Creating a backup
ϖ The ↑ 'Site' is opened in Cerberus-Engineering-Tool.
ϖ The PC is connected to a ↑ 'Station'.
1. Select 'Commissioning' > 'Create backup embedded configuration'.
 The 'Create backup embedded configuration' And 'Connect' windows are
2. Select the connection in the 'Connect' window and click on 'OK'.
 The 'Site' configuration is loaded to the PC and saved as a backup file.
 The progress is displayed in the 'Create backup embedded configuration'
Backup file
The backup file is saved in the following directory as standard:
The backup file has the following name:
<'Site' name>_<backup counter>(_incomplete).fsc
Example: Test_Site_007_incomplete.fsc
'Site' name: Name of the 'Site'.
Backup counter: Three-digit number that is automatically assigned to each
'incomplete': If it was not possible to create a complete backup, 'incomplete'
is added to the file name.
A maximum of ten 'Site' backup files are saved. If more than ten backup files
are created, the oldest file is automatically overwritten with the new one.
In the pre-settings, you can define that a backup file is created automatically each
time a configuration is loaded from the PC to the ↑ 'Station' using the 'Download
site' command. To do this, select 'Options' > 'Preferences' > 'Commissioning'.
Connectivity and communication with 'Station'
Creating a backup of the 'Site' configuration
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