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Entering/Changing Customer Text; Setting The System Time; Setting Time And Date - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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10.4 Entering/Changing customer text

10.5 Setting the system time

10.5.1 Setting time and date

Building Technologies
Fire Safety
You can enter customer text for any element on the control panel, independently of
Once customer text has been entered or changed, the updated display is only
shown the next time the element is accessed.
Entering or changing customer text does not lead to a reboot.
'Set customer text'
1. Select an element
2. Press the 'Execute Commands' softkey
3. Select the 'Set customer text' command.
4. Enter the desired customer text and confirm the entry with <ok>.
 The customer text has been entered.
Changing customer text
Proceed in the same way as when entering customer text but change the existing
customer text.
The set system time is used to log all the control panel's messages, save them in
the event memory and output them on a connected printer.
You will have to reset the clock if the fire control panel has been de-energized. In
countries with central European summer time (CEST), the system clock
automatically switches between daylight savings time and regular time.
'Enter date / time'
1. Select 'Main menu' > 'Settings/administration' > 'System commands'.
 The 'System commands' window is open.
2. Select 'Set system time'.
 The 'Enter date / time' window is open.
3. Enter the date and time and/or confirm with <ok>.
 The cursor jumps to the next field and terminates the input after the last
 Adjusted or confirmed date and time are set.
Enter date / time
25-04-09 12:42:58
(dd-mm-yy) (hh:mm:ss)
Confirm with <ok>/Exit with <C>
Delete with <Cursor up>
Table 6: Input window for time and date
Entering/Changing customer text
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