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Glossary - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel.
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Abbreviation for 'alarm indicator'.
Alarm indicator
Visual display to signal an alarm or pre-alarm.
A zone is created for each sensor channel
(automatic detector and manual call point). A
control is created for each alarm sounder. IO-
modules, FT2010, FT2011, and external alarm
indicators are not auto-configured.
Automatic fire detector
Device which measures a physical parameter
(e.g. warmth) in order to detect a fire.
Abbreviation for 'Base Data Variant'.
Configuration files for the embedded software. A
BDV contains country-specific templates, all
texts, specifications for message layout, menu
definitions, specifications for activating the LEDs
on the PMI, detector parameter set settings,
definitions for system-specific parts of the tool
interface, etc.
C-NET device
A device connected to the C-NET detector line.
Abbreviation for 'Central Processing Unit'. The
computing unit of the fire control panel.
Danger level
A fire detector signal which conveys the
possibility of fire. Automatic fire detectors, for
example, have danger levels 0 to 3. Manual call
points only have danger levels 0 and 3. 0 = no
danger, 1 = possible danger, 2 = probable
danger, 3 = highly probable danger.
Detection tree
Diagram of the geographical and organizational
arrangements of sensors in a building. This is a
hierarchical structure comprising the area,
section, and zone.
Detector line
Electrical connection between the detectors and
the fire control panel. There are collective
detector lines and addressed detector lines.
Building Technologies
Fire Safety
External alarm indicator
Optical element for displaying the fire location,
which is at some distance from the detector. It is
normally mounted in the room at the point where
the corresponding detector is accessible.
Line card
Card for connecting peripheral devices. The card
can be a plug-in card or it can be integrated into
the periphery board.
Detector line topology which runs from the fire
control panel via the fire detectors and back to
improve operational reliability. This type of wiring
allows all detectors to communicate with the
control panel even in the event of an open line or
Normal operation
The fire detection installation is supplied with
mains voltage.
The arrangement of operating and display
elements on a fire control panel or on a fire
terminal. Includes the LEDs, buttons, the display,
and the operation options such as the key
switch, fire brigade control and display (FBA),
and the EVAC NL Person Machine Interface.
Stage before an alarm for information early on,
should an event occur.
Level in detection tree of the fire detection
system. The section is assigned to the area. It is
used for combining zones.
Depiction of fire detection installation: The top
level in the figure showing the installed system.
Combines hardware tree, detection tree, and
control tree.
Standalone station
Standalone station with local connection for the
Unit for system control. Fire control panel or fire
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