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Operation Functions; Selection And Opening / Execution; Scrolling - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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8 Operation functions

8.1 Selection and opening / execution

8.2 Scrolling

Building Technologies
Fire Safety
The following chapters contain descriptions of important functions for directly
operating the ↑ site.
You will find information on the system functions in the corresponding chapter.
After calling up the main menu and any other list, the first entry in the list is
selected. The selection is indicated by a rectangular frame around the entry.
The opening of a list item or the execution of a list command is performed by
moving the cursor to the selected entry and pressing <ok>.
Other methods to open or execute a highlighted list entry are given by pressing the
following buttons:
<Number> on the numerical block (given number in brackets – only in selection
Changing the selection
The selection indicated is changed as follows:
<More alarms>
<Number> + <ok>
More Options' + 'Jump to begin' softkeys Jump to the top of the list
More Options' + 'Jump to end' softkeys
You can use the navigation keys to scroll through a displayed list in the display.
You can scroll to the start/end of the lists (limited function) and back in the
following lists:
Option lists
Command lists
Element category lists
In all other lists, you can scroll beyond the end of the list to the start of the list and
Operation functions
Selection and opening / execution
Next entry
Previous entry
Opens alarm list / jumps to the next
entry in the alarm list shown
Goes to the entry with the number
entered – not in selection lists
Jump to the end of the list
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