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Connectivity And Communication With 'Station; Setting Windows Firewall; Windows Xp - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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Connectivity and communication with 'Station'


Setting Windows firewall

9 Connectivity and communication with 'Station'
9.1 Setting Windows firewall

9.1.1 Windows XP

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Building Technologies
Fire Safety
A PC does not have to be directly connected to a ↑ 'Station' to be able to
communicate with a 'Station' in the ↑ 'Site'. The PC can be connected to any place
in the Ethernet.
Detailed information about the connection variants can be found in the
'Establishing connection from PC to FS720 network' chapter in document
A6V10210424. See chapter 'Applicable documents'.
The Windows firewall may prevent the PC connecting to the ↑ 'Station'.
A functioning Ethernet connection between the Cerberus-Engineering-Tool on
the PC and the FS720 control panels is required to update the firmware, for
Setting Windows firewall
Create a firewall rule for Windows. To do this, proceed as follows:
You must have administrator rights to make the following settings.
ϖ You have administrator rights on your PC
1. Open the Windows start menu.
2. Select 'Settings' > 'Control panel' > 'Administrative Tools' > 'Services'.
3. Right-click on 'Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)' in the new
4. Select 'All Tasks' > 'Exit' in the context menu.
5. Once the work is complete, reactivate the firewall. To do this, proceed as
described above but select 'All Tasks' > 'Start' in the context menu.
Security vulnerability in operating system due to deactivated firewall
Unauthorized access to your PC
Activate the firewall after the firmware update.

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