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Auto-Configure Line - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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10.2.1 Auto-configure line

Building Technologies
Fire Safety
The 'Line' element category in the 'Maintenance' menu facilitates the reading-in of
the current topology, for example. This creates part of the elements in the
'Detection tree'.
Overwriting an existing configuration
Parts of an existing customer-specific configuration are lost.
First save an existing customer-specific configuration.
Auto-configuring a line:
1. In the main menu, select the 'Topology' menu item.
 The 'Topology' window is open.
2. Select 'Hardware tree'.
 The 'Element' window is open.
3. Select 'Station' and press the 'Lower level' <softkey>.
 The elements of 'Station' are displayed.
4. Select the corresponding 'C-NET line card (onboard/FCL2001)' module and
press the 'Lower level <softkey>.
 All lines of 'C-NET line card (onboard/FCL2001)' are indicated.
5. Select a line and press 'More Options' <softkey>.
 The 'Select option' window is open.
6. Select 'Execute commands' and confirm with <ok>.
 The window including the possible commands is displayed.
7. Select the 'Auto-configure line' command and confirm with <ok>.
 The line is auto-configured.
Auto-configuration of control panels
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