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Mounting Instructions - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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5.2 Mounting instructions

Building Technologies
Fire Safety
The station's product insert contains an mounting model to assist with mounting.
The dimensions needed and details of the mounting points are shown on the
mounting model. Details on mounting and installation can be found in the reference
The station must be assembled in a dry, clean and well vented room.
The station must be assembled at a distance of at least 1m from the room's
entrance and/or any moving parts.
The height of mounting must be such that the display and optical indications
are approx. 1.6 -1.7m above where the observer stands.
The station and its components must be protected from dampness and
interfering external influences such as dust, great temperature fluctuations and
mechanical stress.
The station must be assembled in a place freely accessible to authorized staff
and the emergency services.
The station must be fitted to a level, non-vibrating wall surface with load
bearing capacity using suitable mounting materials (e.g. screws and plugs).
The mounting surface and selected mounting must be suitable for the weight of
the equipped station incl. the batteries used.
The station may only be fitted using the 19" method if using the associated
Mounting is not permitted in rooms with high levels of electromagnetic
interference, e.g. in control rooms or right next to power cables and inductive
Electric shock
Mounting and installation work may only be undertaken by qualified staff and
when the system is de-energized.
Thermal bridge between station and mounting surface
Risk of fire, for example due to the batteries overheating
If the station is mounted on a flammable wall, all cut-out sections for the
mounting holes must be sealed using the supplied aluminium path taps.
Damage to electronics
Suitable protective measures must be taken when working with electronics
Mounting instructions
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