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Installation - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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6 Installation
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Building Technologies
Fire Safety
The following installation instructions refer to the specifications of the EN 54
standard and the manufacturer's recommendations. The installation may only be
undertaken by an electrician. Detailed instructions can be found in the system
Use a suitable cable, e.g., NYM 3 x 1.5 mm
with similar performance features to connect the AC voltage from the line
The line voltage fuse must be designed for a current level of 10 A.
The mains connection cable must be routed into the control panel housing from
above or from the rear.
Provide a suitable mains separator or an appropriately labeled automatic cutout
for the mains voltage connection.
The nominal voltage required (AC 230 V or AC 115 V) is stated on the control
panel type plate.
Use a separate residual current unit for residual current circuit breakers.
Depending on the installation conditions, voltage surge protection (primary
protection) is required for the mains connection.
Planning and system limits
Before the installation, check whether the system's planning is suitable for the
system limits. This applies e.g. to all technical data and details of cable lengths,
number of line devices, number of networked stations, battery capacity and
compliance with requirements from standards and national guidelines and local
Details of planning can be found in the system documentation.
Information about lightning protection
Further information and detailed specifications relating to producing a lightning
protection concept can be found in the relevant literature and associated
High voltage! Danger to life!
Risk of electric shock
Mounting and installation work may only be undertaken by qualified staff and
when the system is de-energized.
Only use cable openings or the edge protection strips provided to protect
Damage possible
Observe the nominal voltage required (AC 230 V) as per the control panel
type plate!
The fuses used and stated in the factory must not be bypassed or replaced
with any type other than that stated.
Take appropriate EMC protective measures when handling electronics
(max. 2.5 mm²) or a cable type

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