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Rectify Localization Errors; Checking 'site' Function; Carrying Out Final Commissioning Work - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel.
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10.8.19 Rectify localization errors

10.8.20 Checking 'Site' function

10.8.21 Carrying out final commissioning work

Building Technologies
Fire Safety
Switching 'Zone' to ↑ normal operation
There is a shortened procedure for switching individual 'Zones' to normal operation:
1. Select 'Message summary' > 'Test message' in the main menu.
2. Select the displayed 'Zone' in test mode and press the 'Execute Commands'
3. Select the 'Detector test END' command.
 The 'Zone' is switched to normal operation.
 The yellow 'DETECTOR TEST' LED goes out.
1. Use 'Topology' > 'Hardware tree' > ↑ 'Station' > ↑ Line card > Detector line to
select the corresponding ↑ detector line in the main menu.
2. Press the 'MoreOptions' softkey and select 'Execute commands'.
3. Select the 'Accept replaced devices' command.
 The fault messages are no longer displayed.
If devices are missing or the device types do not correspond to the C-NET
topology, error messages will continue to be displayed.
Test the function of the ↑ 'Site' in the various test modes.
You will find information on testing a 'Site' in the 'Testing' chapter of document
A6V10211076. See chapter 'Applicable documents'.
1. Check the date and time.
2. Adjust the date and time, if required.
To do this, select 'Settings/administration' > 'System commands' > 'Set
system time' in the main menu.
3. Set the PIN for access levels 1, 2,1, 2,2, and 3.
To do this, select 'Settings/administration' > 'Manage PINs' in the main
4. Fit the housing cover.
5. Label the installation plate, which should be outside on the housing, with the
site number and the date of commissioning.
To do this, use a solvent-resistant pen.
Detailed commissioning steps
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