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Initializing 'Station - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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Connectivity and communication with 'Station'

Initializing 'Station'

9.5 Initializing 'Station'
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Building Technologies
Fire Safety
Each ↑ 'Station' in a system with several networked 'Stations' must have a
unique address.
Once a 'Station' has been started for the first time or once the firmware on the
main CPU has been updated, a 'Station' has the address '1'. Networked
'Stations' must therefore all be initialized.
If two 'Sites' are merged to form one ↑ 'Site', the 'Stations' with the same
addresses in the added 'Site' must each be given a new address.
The 'Initialize station' procedure issues the 'Station' an address within the 'Site'
according to the configuration in Cerberus-Engineering-Tool.
A ↑ standalone 'Station' does not have to be initialized.
If you use a number of network cards on the PC, observe the information in the
chapter 'IP settings for several network cards' in document A6V10210424. See
chapter 'Applicable documents'.

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