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Changing Access Authorization Pin; Pin Administration - Siemens Cerberus PRO FC721 Technical Manual

Fire control panel
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Changing access authorization PIN

10.6 Changing access authorization PIN

10.6.1 PIN administration

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Building Technologies
Fire Safety
After successful commissioning, the 4-digit access authorization (PIN) for the
corresponding access level must be changed. Keep the new PIN in a safe place.
If the PIN is lost, a system reset must be undertaken to the station's factory setting.
The control panel configuration, including all customer data, is cleared in the
The '0000' PIN set in the factory then applies again after a system reset.
You can change an existing PIN and create a new PIN or delete a PIN with the
corresponding authorization.
PIN administration not available
If PIN administration is not available at the station, you must configure the PINs in
Engineering Tool. You will find more information in document A6V10210424.
'Change PIN'
1. Select 'Main menu' > 'Settings/administration' > 'Manage PINs'.
2. Select the 'Change PIN' menu item.
3. Enter the PINs in accordance with the input fields and confirm with <ok>.
 The PIN has been changed.
Change PIN
Old PIN:
New PIN:
Verify new PIN:
Confirm with <ok>/Exit with <C>
Delete with <Cursor up>

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