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Advanced Data Deduplication Increasing Disk Retention For Backup Data; Remote Replication Of Backup Data Providing Automated Disaster Recovery Protection; Configurable Storage Presentation; Features And Benefits - Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 S5 User Manual

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Features and Benefits

Advanced Data Deduplication Increasing Disk Retention for Backup Data

The ETERNUS CS800 leverages data deduplication technology to dramatically increase
the role that disk can play in the protection of critical data. With the ETERNUS CS800
solution, users can retain much more backup data on fast recovery disk than with conven-
tional arrays.
Remote Replication of Backup Data Providing Automated Disaster Recovery
With the ETERNUS CS800, users can transmit backup data from a remote site to a central,
secure location to reduce or eliminate media handling. ETERNUS CS800 replication is
asynchronous, automated, and operates as a background process.

Configurable Storage Presentation

Storage can be presented in the following three ways:
NAS shares (CIFS and NFS)
OST Logical Storage Units (LSUs)
VTL (Virtual Tape Library) partitions
The NAS and OST presentation are available on all ETERNUS CS800 models. The VTL
presentation is available on models with FC (Fibre Channel) option.
Features and Benefits
The ETERNUS CS800 system provides the following features and benefits:
Leading performance and scalable capacity.
Inline data flow provides leading deduplication with an optimal combination of total
system performance, manageability, and value.
10 source to one target LAN/WAN replication.
High throughput connectivity options (10 GbE and 8 Gb Fibre Channel).
Flexibility of VTL, NAS and OST presentation layers.
Virtual Tape Library (VTL) presentation layer (all models with Fibre Channel option).
Supported by every major backup software vendor.
System Description