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HP 5900 series Command Reference Manual: Stp Timer Forward-delay; Stp Timer Hello

Layer 2 - lan switching.
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stp timer forward-delay

Use stp timer forward-delay to set the forward delay timer of the device.
Use undo stp timer forward-delay to restore the default.
stp timer forward-delay time
undo stp timer forward-delay
The forward delay timer is 1500 centiseconds.
System view
Predefined user roles
time: Sets the forward delay in centiseconds, in the range of 400 to 3000 in increments of 100 (as in
400, 500, 600).
Usage guidelines
The forward delay timer determines the time interval of state transition. To prevent temporary loops, a
spanning tree port goes through the learning (intermediate) state before it transitions from the discarding
state to the forwarding state. To stay synchronized with the remote device, the port has a wait period
between transition states that is determined by the forward delay timer.
HP recommends not setting the forward delay with this command. Instead, you can specify the network
diameter of the switched network by using the stp bridge-diameter command and let the spanning tree
protocols automatically calculate the optimal settings for the forward delay timer. If the network diameter
uses the default value, the forward delay timer also uses the default value.
# In MSTP mode, set the forward delay timer to 2000 centiseconds.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] stp timer forward-delay 2000
Related commands
stp bridge-diameter

stp timer hello

stp timer max-age
stp timer hello
Use stp timer hello to set the hello time of the device.
Use undo stp timer hello to restore the default.
stp timer hello time
undo stp timer hello



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