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HP 5900 series Command Reference Manual: Ethernet Interface Commands; Broadcast-suppression

Layer 2 - lan switching.
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Ethernet interface commands


Use broadcast-suppression to enable broadcast suppression and set the broadcast suppression
Use undo broadcast-suppression to restore the default.
broadcast-suppression { ratio | pps max-pps | kbps max-kbps }
undo broadcast-suppression
Ethernet interfaces do not suppress broadcast traffic.
Ethernet interface view
Predefined user roles
ratio: Sets the broadcast suppression threshold as a percentage of the maximum interface rate. The value
range for this argument is 0 to 100. The smaller the percentage, the less broadcast traffic is allowed to
pass through.
pps max-pps: Specifies the maximum number of broadcast packets that the interface can forward per
second. The value range for the max-pps argument (in pps) is 1 to 1.4881 × the maximum interface rate.
For example, the value range for this argument is 1 to 1488100 on a GE interface and 1 to 59524000
on a 40-GE interface.
kbps max-kbps: Specifies the maximum number of kilobits of broadcast traffic that the Ethernet interface
can forward per second. The value range for this argument (in kbps) is 1 to the maximum interface rate.
Usage guidelines
You can use the broadcast storm suppression function to limit the size of broadcast traffic on an interface.
When the broadcast traffic on the interface exceeds this threshold, the system drops packets until the
traffic drops below this threshold.
Both storm-constrain and broadcast-suppression can suppress broadcast storm on a port. The
storm-constrain command uses software to suppress broadcast traffic, and it affects the device
performance to a certain extent. The broadcast-suppression command uses the chip to physically
suppress broadcast traffic, and it has less influence on the device performance than the storm-constrain
command. Do not configure the storm constrain command and the broadcast-suppression command on
a port. Otherwise, the traffic suppression result is not determined.
When you configure the suppression threshold in pps or kbps, the device may convert the configured
value into a multiple of a certain step supported by the chip. As a result, the actual suppression threshold
may be different from the configured one. To determine the suppression threshold that takes effect, see
the prompts on the device.



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