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HP 5900 series Command Reference Manual: Mac Address Table Commands; Display Mac-address

Layer 2 - lan switching.
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MAC address table commands

The MAC address table contains only Ethernet interfaces and aggregate interfaces.
This document covers the configuration of unicast MAC address entries, including static, dynamic,
blackhole, and multiport unicast MAC address entries. For more information about configuring static
multicast MAC address entries, see IP Multicast Configuration Guide.

display mac-address

Use display mac-address to display MAC address entries.
display mac-address [ mac-address [ vlan vlan-id ] | [ [ dynamic | static ] [ interface interface-type
interface-number ] | blackhole | multiport ] [ vlan vlan-id ] [ count ] ]
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Predefined user roles
mac-address: Specifies a MAC address in the format of H-H-H. When entering a MAC address, you can
omit the leading zeros in each H section. For example, enter f-e2- 1 for 000f-00e2-0001.
vlan vlan-id: Specifies a VLAN. The value range for the vlan-id argument is 1 to 4094.
dynamic: Displays dynamic MAC address entries.
static: Displays static MAC address entries.
interface interface-type interface-number: Specifies an interface by its type and number.
blackhole: Displays blackhole MAC address entries.
multiport: Displays multiport unicast MAC address entries.
count: Displays the total number of MAC address entries that match all entry attributes you specify in the
command. For example, you can use the display mac-address vlan 20 dynamic count command to
display the total number of dynamic entries for VLAN 20. If no entry attribute is specified, the command
displays the total number of entries in the MAC address table. If this keyword is not specified, the
command displays detailed information about specified MAC address entries.
Usage guidelines
Each MAC address entry identifies in which VLAN a MAC address can be reached from which interface.
If you execute this command without specifying any parameters, it displays all MAC address entries.
# Display MAC address entries for VLAN 100.
<Sysname> display mac-address vlan 100



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