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HP 5900 series Command Reference Manual: Bulk Interface Configuration Commands; Interface Range

Layer 2 - lan switching.
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Bulk interface configuration commands

interface range

Use interface range to create an interface range and enter the interface range view.
interface range interface-list
System view
Predefined user roles
interface-list: Specifies an interface list in the format of interface-list = { interface-type interface-number
[ to interface-type interface-number ] }&<1-5>. The interface-type interface-number argument specifies
an interface by its type and number. &<1-5> indicates that you can specify up to five interfaces or
interface lists. When you specify the to keyword in interface-type interface-number1 to interface-type
interface-number2, the interfaces before and after the to keyword must be on the same interface card or
subcard. The last-tier value of the interface number before to must not be greater than the one after to,
and the values of the other tiers of the interface number before to must be the same as the one after to.
Usage guidelines
Use this command to enter interface range view to bulk configure multiple interfaces with the same
feature instead of configuring them one by one. For example, run the shutdown command in interface
range view to shut down a range of interfaces.
In interface range view, only the commands supported by the first interface are available. The first
interface is specified with the interface range command. To view these commands in the interface range,
enter the interface range view, and then enter ? at the prompt.
If the application of a command fails on one member interface, the application of the command on the
other member interfaces is not affected. In this case, the system displays an error message and continues
with the next member interface.
To verify the configuration of the first interface in the interface range, execute the display this command
in interface range view.
To bulk configure interfaces, follow these guidelines:
Do not assign an aggregate interface together with any of its member interfaces to an interface
range at the same time. Some commands, after being executed on both an aggregate interface
and its member interfaces, can break up the aggregation.
No limit is set on the maximum number of interfaces in an interface range. The more interfaces in
an interface range, the longer the command execution time.
# Shut down interfaces Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/1 through Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/24, and VLAN
interface 2.



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