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HP 5900 series Command Reference Manual: Mac-address Mac-learning Enable

Layer 2 - lan switching.
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blackhole: Specifies blackhole MAC address entries. The packets whose source or destination MAC
addresses match blackhole MAC address entries are dropped.
mac-address: Specifies a MAC address in the format of H-H-H. When entering a MAC address, you can
omit the leading zeros in each H section. For example, enter f-e2- 1 for 000f-00e2-0001.
vlan vlan-id: Specifies an existing VLAN to which the interface belongs. The value range for the vlan-id
argument is 1 to 4094.
dynamic: Specifies dynamic MAC address entries.
static: Specifies static MAC address entries.
interface interface-type interface-number: Specifies an outgoing interface by its type and number.
Usage guidelines
Generally, the device automatically builds the MAC address table by learning the source MAC
addresses of incoming frames on each interface. To improve interface security, you can manually add the
specific MAC address entries to the MAC address table and bind the user device to the interface.
Because manually configured static entries have higher priority than dynamically learned entries, using
manually configured entries prevents hackers from using forged MAC addresses to steal data.
To drop the packets with the specified source MAC addresses or destination MAC addresses, you can
configure blackhole MAC address entries.
A static or blackhole MAC address entry can overwrite a dynamic MAC address entry, but not vice
If you execute the undo mac-address command without specifying any parameters, this command
deletes all unicast MAC address entries and static multicast MAC address entries.
You can delete all the MAC address entries (including unicast MAC address entries and static multicast
MAC address entries) of a specified VLAN, or you can delete only a specific type (dynamic, static, or
blackhole) of MAC address entries. You can single out certain interfaces and delete the corresponding
unicast MAC address entries, but not the corresponding static multicast MAC address entries.
The MAC address entries configuration cannot survive a reboot unless you save it. The dynamic MAC
address entries, however, are lost upon reboot regardless of whether you save the configuration.
# Add a static entry for MAC address 000f-e201-0101. All frames that are destined for this MAC address
are sent out of interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/1, which belongs to VLAN 2.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] mac-address static 000f-e201-0101 interface ten-gigabitethernet 1/0/1 vlan 2
Related commands
display mac-address
mac-address (interface view)

mac-address mac-learning enable

Use mac-address mac-learning enable to enable MAC address learning. Depending on the view that
you entered, you can enable it globally, on an interface, or on a VLAN.
Use undo mac-address mac-learning enable to disable MAC address learning. Depending on the view
that you entered, you can disable it globally, on an interface, or on a VLAN.



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