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HP 5900 series Command Reference Manual: Display Interface Vlan-interface

Layer 2 - lan switching.
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For a VLAN, the description is VLAN vlan-id, which specifies the ID of the VLAN. For example, the default
description of VLAN 100 is VLAN 0100.
For a VLAN interface, the description is the name of the interface. For example, Vlan-interface1
VLAN view, VLAN interface view
Predefined user roles
text: Specifies a description for a VLAN or VLAN interface. The string can include case-sensitive letters,
digits, special characters such as tilde (~), exclamation point (!), at sign (@), pound sign (#), dollar sign
($), percent sign (%), caret (^), ampersand sign (&), asterisk (*), left brace ({), right brace (}), left
parenthesis ((), right parenthesis ()), left bracket ([), right bracket (]), left angle bracket (<), right angle
bracket (>), hyphen (-), underscore(_), plus sign (+), equal sign (=), vertical bar (|), back slash (\), colon
(:), semi-colon (;) quotation marks ("), apostrophe ('), comma (,), dot (.), and slash (/), spaces, and other
Unicode characters and symbols.
For a VLAN, this argument is a string of 1 to 32 characters.
For a VLAN interface, this argument is a string of 1 to 80 characters.
Usage guidelines
You can configure a description to describe the function or connection of a VLAN or VLAN interface,
which is very helpful when a large number of VLANs are created on the device.
# Change the description of VLAN 2 to sales-private.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] vlan 2
[Sysname-vlan2] description sales-private
# Change the description of VLAN interface 2 to linktoPC56.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] vlan 2
[Sysname-vlan2] quit
[Sysname] interface vlan-interface 2
[Sysname-Vlan-interface2] description linktoPC56
Related commands

display interface vlan-interface

display vlan
display interface vlan-interface
Use display interface vlan-interface to display information about a specified VLAN interface or all VLAN
display interface vlan-interface [ vlan-interface-id ] [ brief [ description ] ]



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