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HP 5900 series Command Reference Manual: Instance

Layer 2 - lan switching.
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Use instance to map a list of VLANs to the specified MSTI.
Use undo instance to remap the specified VLAN or all VLANs to the CIST (MSTI 0).
instance instance-id vlan vlan-list
undo instance instance-id [ vlan vlan-list ]
All VLANs are mapped to the CIST.
MST region view
Predefined user roles
instance-id: Specifies an MSTI ID. The minimum value is 0, representing the CIST, and the maximum
value varies by device model.
vlan vlan-list: Specifies a VLAN list in the format of vlan-list = { vlan-id [ to vlan-id ] }&<1- 1 0>, where the
vlan-id argument represents the VLAN ID in the range of 1 to 4094, and &<1- 1 0> indicates that you can
specify up to 10 VLAN IDs or VLAN ID ranges.
Usage guidelines
If you specify no VLAN in the undo instance command, all VLANs mapped to the specified MSTI are
remapped to the CIST.
You cannot map the same VLAN to different MSTIs. If you map a VLAN that has been mapped to an MSTI
to a new MSTI, the old mapping is automatically removed.
You can configure VLAN-to-instance mapping for up to 65 MSTIs.
After configuring this command, run the active region-configuration command to activate the
VLAN-to-instance mapping.
With digest snooping enabled globally, modify the VLAN-to-instance mappings or execute the undo stp
region-configuration command to restore the default MST region configuration with caution. Such
operations may cause loops or traffic interruption because the VLAN-to-instance mappings are
inconsistent with those on the neighboring devices.
# Map VLAN 2 to MSTI 1.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] stp region-configuration
[Sysname-mst-region] instance 1 vlan 2
Related commands
active region-configuration
check region-configuration
display stp region-configuration



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