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Mitsubishi Electric GOT 1000 Series Manual Page 96

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(7) Access error notification setting
(a) [Notify the access error status.]
Set whether to enable or disable notification of the access error status.
If the [Notify the access error status.] box is checked, an error occurred in access to the server computer is
reported to a tag component.
(b) When [Notify the access error status.] is selected, choose a tag component into whose device the access
error status data is stored.
Tags that have a tag component with [Array setting] cannot be selected.
Data are stored as follows depending on the data type.
Data type of tag component
Other than the above
(8) Connection timeout (Range: 1 to 180 seconds, Default: 10 seconds)
In case a connection error occurs on the network between the GOT and the server computer, set a timeout time
during which the GOT will detect the error.
Usually, this setting is not needed.
In any of the following cases, adjust the connection timeout time if necessary.
(a) Reduce the connection timeout time to:
• Make the time elapsed from occurrence of a connection error to the start of DB buffering shorter.
• Make the time elapsed from occurrence of a connection error to notification of an access error and job
cancellation shorter.
(b) Increase the connection timeout time when:
• A connection timeout occurs in spite of normal network condition.
The relation of the values set for [Connection timeout] and [DB access timeout time] in [DB Connection Service
Setting Tool] must be as follows:
• Connection timeout value
6 - 20
6.6 Server Service Settings
OFF: Normal/Not accessed/Network line disconnected
ON: Access error status
"0": Normal/Not accessed/Network line disconnected
"1": Access error status
0: Normal/Not accessed/Network line disconnected
1: Access error status
DB access timeout value


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