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Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series User Manual

Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series User Manual

Communication unit for gt15-75j71lp23-z, gt15-75j71br13-z
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Thank you for purchasing the GOT1000 Series.
Prior to use, please read both this manual and detailed manual
thoroughly to fully understand the product.
communication unit
Set of A9GT-QJ71LP23 and GT15-75IF900
Set of A9GT-QJ71BR13 and GT15-75IF900
MODEL GT15-75J71LP23-Z-U
User's Manual


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series

  • Page 1 User's Manual GT15-75J71LP23-Z Set of A9GT-QJ71LP23 and GT15-75IF900 GT15-75J71BR13-Z Set of A9GT-QJ71BR13 and GT15-75IF900 Thank you for purchasing the GOT1000 Series. Prior to use, please read both this manual and detailed manual thoroughly to fully understand the product. MODEL GT15-75J71LP23-Z-U MODEL...
  • Page 2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (Always read these precautions before using this equipment.) Before using this product, please read this manual and the relevant manuals introduced in this manual carefully and pay full attention to safety to handle the product correctly. The precautions given in this manual are concerned with this product. In this manual, the safety precautions are ranked as "WARNING"...
  • Page 3 (VPNs), and antivirus solutions. Mitsubishi Electric shall have no responsibility or liability for any problems involving GOT trouble and system trouble by unauthorized access, DoS attacks, computer viruses, and other cyberattacks.
  • Page 4 [DESIGN PRECAUTIONS] CAUTION  Do not install the communication cables together with the main circuit or power lines, or bring them close to each other. The distance of 100mm (3.9inch) or more should be ensured. Failure to do so may cause malfunctions due to noise.
  • Page 5 [WIRING PRECAUTIONS] WARNING  Be sure to shut off all phases of the external power supply used by the system before wiring. Failure to do so may cause electric shock, product damage or malfunctions. CAUTION  Be careful not to let foreign matter such as dust or wire chips get inside the unit.
  • Page 6 [STARTUP AND MAINTENANCE PRECAUTIONS] CAUTION  Do not disassemble or modify any unit. This will cause failure, malfunction, injuries, or fire.  Do not touch the conductive areas and electronic parts of thisunit directly. Doing so can cause a unit malfunction or failure. ...
  • Page 7 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This manual confers no industrial property rights or any rights of any other kind, nor does it confer any patent licenses. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation cannot be held responsible for any problems involving industrial property rights which may occur as a result of using the contents noted in this manual.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. Overview ......................1 2. Perfomance Specifications ................2 3. Part Names and the Settings ................. 4 4. Installation Procedure ..................9 5. Precautions for Laying Cables ..............11 5.1 Precautions for cable connection (A9GT-QJ71LP23) ......11 5.2 Precautions for cable connection (A9GT-QJ71BR13) ......12 6.
  • Page 9 Manuals The following shows manuals relevant to this product. Detailed Manual Manual number Manual name (Type code) GT15 User's Manual SH-080528ENG (Option) (1D7M23) GOT1000 Connection Manual SH-080532ENG (Option) (1D7M26) Relevant Manuals For relevant manuals, refer to the PDF manual stored within the drawing software used.
  • Page 10: Overview

    A network unit (A9GT-QJ71LP23 or A9GT-QJ71BR13) can be connected to the GOT with the GT15-75IF900, which can perform monitoring as a normal station in the MELSECNET/10 network system (PLC to PLC network). For system configuration when connecting the GOT to MELSECNET/10, refer to GOT1000 Series Connection Manual.
  • Page 11: Perfomance Specifications

    2. Perfomance Specifications The following is the performance specification of MELSECNET/10 communication unit. For the general specifications of MELSECNET/10 communication unit, refer to the GT15 User's Manual Item A9GT-QJ71LP23 A9GT-QJ71BR13 LX/LY 8192 points Maximum number of link 8192 points points per network 8192 points Maximum number of link {(B+Y)/8+(2 W)}...
  • Page 12 (Refer to Section 5.2 (1).) *3 : Please note that use of optical fiber cable requires the expertise, special tools and dedicated connector for connection. Please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric System Service or representative, for the purchase of the required items.
  • Page 13: Part Names And The Settings

    3. Part Names and the Settings The following indicates part names and the setting of each part of A9GT- QJ71LP23, A9GT-QJ71BR13 and GT15-75IF900. A9GT-QJ71LP23 (Front) (Back) A9GT-QJ71BR13 (Front) (Back) 5) 6) GT15-75IF900 (Front) (Back)
  • Page 14 Name Details Name Details On : Normal operation Off : The WDT error has Toccurred. On : Set to the PLC to PLC network A9GT-QJ71LP23 (Always ON) On : Multiple transmission is being executed. DUAL Off : Multiple transmission is not being executed. On : No.2 to 5 switch settings are incorrect.
  • Page 15 Name Details On : An error has occurred, i.e., "1" is continuously received more than specified times, or the received data length is too short. AB.IF <Cause> The timing when the station that sends data to the corresponding station is disconnected, H/W failure, cable failure, noise, etc.
  • Page 16 Name Details Mode setting switch Setting of mode (Factory setting at time of shipping: 0) Mode Name Contents On-line (automatic Data link double line (automatic double line existent) existent) Use not possible Placing local station in parallel Off-line condition Unusable Unusable Unusable Station-to station test...
  • Page 17 Name Details Group number setting Group number setting (factory setting at time of shipping: 0) Switch <Setting range> : No group setting (Fixed) Network number setting Network number setting switch (factory setting at time of shipping: 1) <Setting range> 1 to 239 : Network number Other than 1 to 239: Setting error (SW.E LED lamp is lit) Connector...
  • Page 18: Installation Procedure

    4. Installation Procedure (1) Power off the GOT. (2) Remove the two extension unit covers of the GOT. (3) Fit the GT15-75IF900 along the groove of the GOT case. (4) Fasten the GT15-75IF900 by tightening its mounting screws (3 places) with tightening torque 0.36 to 0.48 N•m.
  • Page 19 (5) Attach the communication unit fixing brackets (3 places) to GT15- 75IF900, then fasten them with tightening torque of 0.36 to 0.48 N•m. (6) Mount the network unit (A9GT-QJ71LP23 or A9GT-QJ71BR13) to GT15- 75IF900. (7) Fasten the unit fixing brackets (3 places) with tightening torque of 0.36 to 0.48N•m.
  • Page 20: Precautions For Laying Cables

    5. Precautions for Laying Cables 5.1 Precautions for cable connection (A9GT-QJ71LP23) (1) The distance between stations varies depending on the type of optical fiber cable used. Type Distance between stations [m (ft.)] L type 500 (1640.5) SI optical fiber cable (Old type: A-2P- ) H type 300 (984.3)
  • Page 21: Precautions For Cable Connection (A9Gt-Qj71Br13)

    It might be generated that a baton abnormal passing cannot be generated when miswiring and the downed bureau which cannot do the loopback of an arbitrary bureau do the row again even by the reclosing of the power supply. 5.2 Precautions for cable connection (A9GT-QJ71BR13) (1) Restrictions on the cable length between stations (a) When connecting between the network modules, the cable lengths indicated in the table below should be used according to...
  • Page 22 (2) Precautions for laying cable (a) Coaxial cables must be laid 100mm or more apart from power cables and control cables. (b) Consider wiring using double-shielded coaxial cable in places that are subject to large amounts of noise. Double shielded coaxial cable Sheath Enlarged view Sheath...
  • Page 23 (7) Please wire the cable correctly. After wiring, perform a station-to-station test or others to confirm if the setting and wiring of A9GT-QJ71BR13 have been done properly. For testing methods, please refer to following manuals. • Type MELSECNET/10 Network system (PLC to PLC network) Reference Manual •...
  • Page 24: Wiring Method

    6. Wiring Method (1) A9GT-QJ71LP23 The optical fiber cable is wired in the following manner. There is no problem even if not wiring in order of the station number. Define a control station number and a normal station number according to the system specifications.
  • Page 25: External Dimensions

    7. External Dimensions (1) GT15-75IF900 150 (5.91) Unit:mm (inch)
  • Page 26 When the When the connector is connector is connected. connected. GOT main unit. GT15-75IF900 Dimensions of X when mounted to the GOT. 15", 12.1", 10.4" 13.5 (0.53) 8.4" 15.5 (0.61) Unit:mm (inch) *Please contact the Mitsubishi Electric System Service Corporation.
  • Page 27 (3) A9GT-QJ71BR13 149 (5.87) At the time of installation of F type connector GOT main unit GT15-75IF900 Dimensions of X when mounted to the GOT. 15", 12.1", 10.4" 13.5 (0.53) 8.4" 15.5 (0.61) Unit:mm (inch)
  • Page 30 District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tel: +33-1-55-68-55-68 Tel: +84-28-3910-5945 India Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Pune Branch Czech Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Czech Branch Pekarska 621/7, 155 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic Emerald House, EL-3, J Block, M.I.D.C., Bhosari,...

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