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Definitions And Descriptions Of Terms - Mitsubishi Electric GOT 1000 Series Manual

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The following table shows the definitions and descriptions of the terms used in this manual.
Tag for Wonderware
SNTP server computer
Application server computer
Server service
Server computer
Configuration computer
Name for data unit in the database Wonderware
Abbreviation for Manufacturing Execution System
The system that controls and monitors the plant status in real time to optimize production activities
This enables speed-up of the responses to production plans and status changes and efficient production
operation, optimizing the production activities.
Abbreviation for Open Database Connectivity
Standard specifications for software to access databases
Abbreviation for Simple Network Time Protocol
Protocol for synchronizing the time of computers via a TCP/IP network
Computer that provides time information to the GOT
This can be shared with a server computer.
Abbreviation for Structured Query Language
Data manipulation language and used for relational database operations
Method for converting character strings defined in Unicode into byte strings (Number strings)
Abbreviation for eXtensible Markup Language
Markup language for describing documentation, data meanings, and structures
Represents the right to use a GOT or a server computer, or an ID necessary for its use.
The unit for processing defined in the job. The unit for processing includes [Communication action] and
[Transmit resource action] for communicating with a database, and [Operation action] for operating tag
component values.
[Communication action] is a processing unit for sending one SQL text (Select, Update, Insert,
[Transmit resource action] is the processing unit for sending each SQL text (Insert) for records in one
resource data collected in the GOT.
Up to 20 dyadic operations can be defined for [Operation action].
One of the server computers, which communicates by the MES interface function to run programs
A database computer can be shared as an application server computer.
Processing that makes a permanent change to databases
Generic term for the services that a server computer to which the DB Connection Service is installed can
There are database server service and application server service.
Database server service is a service for accessing a database.
Application server service is a service for linking with a program.
Generic term for database server computers and application server computers
This computer can be shared as an SNTP server computer.
A set of processings executed by a preset trigger
A personal computer that runs GT Designer3
This is used to install the option OS into a GOT, to configure the Communication Settings, screens and
MES interface function settings, and to download projects to the GOT.
This can be shared as a server computer.
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