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Precautions For Utilizing Acpu Programs In Qcpu - Mitsubishi Electric Artisan MELSEC-Q Series Manual

General-purpose programmable controllers, large/small
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7.1 Replace instructions with different QCPU instruction format (excluding AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions)

Precautions for utilizing ACPU programs in QCPU

Pay attention to the following points when executing "Change PLC type" and utilizing the ACPU program with the
• The instruction format will change, so the instructions may be switched to a different type when the PLC type
is changed.
Instructions that use an accumulator (A0, A1) with the ACPU do not describe the device name or device No.
in the instruction format. However, these are described in the instruction format with the QCPU instruction.
• The instruction specifications will differ, so the program must be corrected.
• There are replacement candidate instructions when executing "Change PLC type", but these will be switched
to "SM1255" as instructions that cannot be replaced because of a difference in specifications.
There are several inquires for explaining the specifications of the replacement instructions and for revising the
program after replacement.
Matters frequently asked questions when utilizing the QCPU program with the QCPU are explained as precautions.
● Peripheral devices using existing A (Large Type) and A0J2 Series CPU program
The following CPU types are incompatible with GX Developer, so the PLC type must be changed to GX
Developer compatible CPU types with the following instructions before the programs can be used.
• CPUs not compatible with GX Developer
AnCPU (including those with link function)
A3HCPU (including those with link function)
A3MCPU (including those with link function)
A0J2CPU (including those with link function)
The CPU types incompatible with GX Developer can be changed to those compatible with GX Developer through
"Change PLC type" by using the A/QnA -> Q conversion support tool.
Refer to Section 9.1 for the PLC type change operation by using the A/QnA -> Q conversion support tool.
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