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Upgrade To Melsecnet/H (Remote I/O Network) System Using A0J2 Upgrade Tool - Mitsubishi Electric Artisan MELSEC-Q Series Manual

General-purpose programmable controllers, large/small
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2.4 Replace A0J2 with Q Series

2.4.2 Upgrade to MELSECNET/H (remote I/O network) system using A0J2 upgrade tool

Solution and Benefit
• Using the A0J2 upgrade tool, A0J2R25(P25) remote I/O stations can be replaced with
MELSECNET/H remote I/O stations without modifying external wiring.
• By making the same network parameter settings as the current ones, program modifications can
be avoided.
The following is an example of upgrading a MELSECNET network system consisting of only remote I/O stations
to a MELSECNET/H (remote I/O network) system using the A0J2 upgrade tool.
● Instructions
(1) Replace the MELSECNET network system with MELSECNET/H remote I/O network system. The network
parameter settings remain the same, and it is not necessary to make changes to the program.
(2) Change the cable system from MELSECNET coaxial loop to MELSECNET/H coaxial bus. New wires are
not necessary because the existing coaxial loop cables can be used.
(1) System configuration example
Current configuration
Master station
New configuration after replacement
MELSECNET/H (Coaxial bus)
Artisan Technology Group - Quality Instrumentation ... Guaranteed | (888) 88-SOURCE |
MELSECNET (Coaxial loop)
(when the stackable type is used)
X80 to X9F
YA0 to YB7
Coaxial bus
(1-level stackable type)
SC-A0JQC03M (0.35 m I/O connection cable) x 4
XC0 to XDF
YE0 to YF7
(1-level stackable type)



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