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Replace A0J2(H) Systems With Q Series Using A0J2 Upgrade Tool - Mitsubishi Electric Artisan MELSEC-Q Series Manual

General-purpose programmable controllers, large/small
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2.4 Replace A0J2 with Q Series

2.4.1 Replace A0J2(H) systems with Q Series using A0J2 upgrade tool

Solution and Benefit
• Existing A0J2 I/O wiring can be mounted on the A0J2 upgrade tool without modification.
• The A0J2 upgrade tool takes in AC/DC input and sends these signals to a programmable
controller's input module. It also outputs the signals received from a programmable controller's
output module to the external devices. Therefore, any A0J2 Series I/O modules can be replaced
with QX41Y41P by selecting the appropriate A0J2 upgrade tool.
• QX41Y41P, the 64-point I/O combined module (32-point input for the first half and 32-point output
for the second half), can be used to replace the A0J2 Series I/O modules without changing the I/O
• The installation size of the A0J2 upgrade tool is the same as that of the A0J2-E56 I/O modules,
eliminating the need of making new holes.
The following is an example of replacing an A0J2(H) system with Q Series using the A0J2 upgrade tool.
● Instructions
(1) Replace the A0J2H Series CPU with a Q Series CPU and the I/O modules with QX41Y41P.
The existing I/O address can be used for the QX41Y41P, and program modifications can be avoided.
(2) When the A0J2 renewal tool is used to mount the terminal blocks of the existing A0J2 I/O modules, the
existing external wiring does not need to be changed.
* The A0J2 renewal tool is not assigned an I/O module number.
The "No.=n" in the new configuration keeps track of the order of connection with the modules on the
programmable controller side to avoid changes in I/O addresses.
Check the I/O module number in the current configuration and connect the programmable controller side
modules accordingly.
(1) System configuration example
Current configuration
No. 3
YE0 to YF7 X00 to X1F
Artisan Technology Group - Quality Instrumentation ... Guaranteed | (888) 88-SOURCE |
No. 0
No. 1
X40 to X5F
Y20 to Y37
Y60 to Y77
No. 2
X80 to X9F
* "n" of No.=n indicates the I/O module number.
YA0 to YB7



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