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Replace Anacpu/Anucpu Dedicated Instructions - Mitsubishi Electric Artisan MELSEC-Q Series Manual

General-purpose programmable controllers, large/small
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7.2 Replace AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions

7.2 Replace AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions
AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions can be converted into QCPU instruction format. This section explains
the replacement of AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions.
Frequently asked questions regarding the conversion of ACPU to QCPU program
(Inquiry example)
Several AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions were used in the program. However,
converting the program to QCPU format reduced them to just one instruction. Can this
program be executed as it is?
Replacing AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions with QCPU instructions changes and
simplifies the instruction format.
Further modification of the program is not necessary.
(Inquiry example)
Can the AnACPU/AnUCPU dedicated instructions for special function modules also be
AnACPU/AnUCPU special function modules and QCPU intelligent function modules have
different functions, specifications, number of occupied points, etc.
The AnACPU/AnUCPU special function module instructions cannot access the QCPU,
therefore, they are replaced with "SM1255" as unconvertible instructions.
Modify the program according to the functions and specifications of QCPU intelligent
function modules.
Instructions for extended file registers and data link are also replaced with "SM1255."
Please modify the instructions in accordance with QCPU functions and specifications.
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