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Replace A0J2 With Q Series - Mitsubishi Electric Artisan MELSEC-Q Series Manual

General-purpose programmable controllers, large/small
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2.4 Replace A0J2 with Q Series

2.4 Replace A0J2 with Q Series
A0J2 upgrade tool
■ A0J2 renewal tool features
The A0J2 renewal tool is used to replace existing A0J2(H) systems with the Q Series.
It consists of an interface module where the existing wired terminal block can be mounted and a base
adapter which enables utilization of the existing installation holes, etc.
A variety of installation methods are available to fit the installation space.
■ Interface module features
The interface module has DC to relay output conversion and AC to DC input conversion functions. Hence,
replacement is possible using the interface module along with Q Series connector type DC I/O modules.
Dedicated cables are used to connect the interface module to Q Series I/O modules.
Installation types
(1) Stackable type
• Existing mounting holes can be used.
• Suitable when there is enough depth.
(A depth of 195 mm (when one interface module
is stacked)/236 mm (when two interface modules
are stacked) or more is required.)
(2) Flat mounting type
• Existing mounting holes can be used. However,
enough depth and space above the existing
modules are required.
(A space of 62 mm + 30 mm (for heat dissipation)
is required above existing modules)
(A depth of 158mm is required.)
• The required depth is less than that of the
stackable type.
(3) Standalone type
• Although space to install the main base unit
separately is needed, a base unit with a larger
number of I/O slots can be installed. Suitable
when there is not enough space in the existing
W = 189 mm (for Q33B: 3 I/O slots),
245 mm (for Q35B: 5 I/O slots),
328 mm (for Q38B: 8 I/O slots)
*A depth of A0J2 Series modules is 41 mm per module. (i.e., Total depth of two I/O modules and a CPU is 123
A depth of the CPU (A0J2HCPUP21 data link type) is 68 mm.
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