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Mitsubishi Electric Artisan MELSEC-Q Series Manual Page 13

General-purpose programmable controllers, large/small.
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● Ground the FG and LG terminals to the dedicated conductors for the programmable controller (Class D
(Class 3) or higher grounding).
Failure to do so may result in electric shock or malfunction.
● Use applicable solderless terminals and tighten them within the specified torque range.
If any spade solderless terminal is used, it may be disconnected when the terminal screw comes loose,
resulting in failure.
● Check the rated voltage and terminal layout before wiring to the module, and connect the cables correctly.
Inputting voltage different from the rated voltage, connecting a power supply with a different voltage rating or
incorrect wiring may cause a fire or failure.
● Connectors for external connection must be crimped or pressed with the tool specified by the manufacturer,
or must be correctly soldered.
Incomplete connections could result in short circuit, fire, or malfunction.
● Fit the connectors surely to the module.
● Do not bundle the control cable or communication cable with the main circuit or power wire, or lay them
adjacently. Separate these by 100 mm or more as a rule.
Failure to observe this could lead to malfunctioning caused by noise.
● The electric wires and cables connected to the module shall be installed in a duct or secured with clamps.
If such measures are not taken, the cables may sway or move or may be pulled unintentionally, and the
module and cables may be damaged, or malfunction may be caused by cable contact failure.
● When connecting any cable, check the type of the interface to be connected.
Connecting to an improper interface or incorrect wiring may damage the module and external devices.
● Tighten the screws on the terminal block within the specified torque range. Undertightening the screws can
cause short circuit, a fire or malfunction.
Overtightening can damage the screws and/or module, thereby causing fall, short circuit, a fire and
● When disconnecting any cable from the module, do not pull the cable. When disconnecting a cable with a
connector, hold the connector of the connecting part of the module. Before disconnecting a cable from the
terminal block, loosen the terminal screw on the terminal block.
Pulling the cable with the terminal connected to the module may cause malfunction or damage to the module
or cable.
● Prevent foreign matter such as dust or wire chips from entering the module.
Such foreign matter can cause a fire, failure, or malfunction.
● A protective film is attached to the top of the module to prevent foreign matter, such as wire chips, from
entering the module during wiring. Do not remove the film during wiring. Remove it for heat dissipation before
system operation.
● When using the high-speed counter function, ground the shielded wire on the encoder side (relay box).
(Class D (Class 3) grounding or higher)
Failure to do so may cause malfunction.
● Mitsubishi programmable controllers must be installed in control panels. Connect the main power supply to
the power supply module in the control panel through a relay terminal block.
Wiring and replacement of a power supply module must be performed by maintenance personnel who is
familiar with protection against electric shock.
For wiring methods, refer to the LCPU User's Manual (Hardware Design, Maintenance and Inspection).
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Wiring Precautions


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