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Mitsubishi Electric Artisan MELSEC-Q Series Manual Page 152

General-purpose programmable controllers, large/small.
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(2) Precautions for replacing MELSAP-ΙΙ with MELSAP3
The basic operation of the MELSAP3 is the same as the MELSAP-ΙΙ, but the specifications are partially
This section provides the precautions for the replacement.
(1) Starting SFC program
The SFC program can be started by using the special relay for starting/stopping the SFC program.
The special relay used for starting/stopping SFC programs changes according to the programmable
controller type.
ACPU: M9101 -> QCPU: SM321
Please take the precaution listed below because the specifications of the special relays are different for
each CPU.
Switches on and off with user
(2) Block information (SFC information device)
The MELSAP-ΙΙ and MELSAP3 have different method of executing the "Block START/STOP" and
"Reading of the number of active steps and active step numbers" with block information (SFC
information device).
Switching the block active bit
on executes forced start.
Switching on the block clear
bit stops the block and
Block START/
switching it off executes
STOP methods
forced stop.
The number of
Reads the number of active
active steps
steps in the corresponding
and active step
block and active step numbers.
numbers reading
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7.4 Utilize SFC programs (Replace MELSAP-ΙΙ with MELSAP3)
MELSAP3 (M321)
SFC program starts up at default,
since system is automatically turned
Switching on the block
START/STOP bit forcibly
starts the corresponding
Switching off the block
START/STOP forcibly stops
the corresponding block.
Reads only the number of active
steps in the corresponding block.
When starting/stopping the SFC program
according to user conditions, operations
such as turning SM321 on/off must be
handled in the program.
The program does not need adjustments
when a SFC program for ACPU is
converted to QCPU because
the "Block active bit" is replaced with
"Block START/STOP" bit.
The "Block clear bit" resets the "Block
Add the SFC control instruction
"RST BLm" to the program.
Delete the program that switches
the "Block clear bit" on/off.
To read the active step numbers,
use the "Active step batch readout
instructions (MOV, DMOV, BMOV)".
Precautions for replacement
Precautions for replacement


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