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Using the baby bottle warmer to warm baby food
Put the mains plug in the wall socket (Fig. 3).
Place a baby food container or jar centrally in the baby bottle
warmer (Fig. 15).
Note: You can leave off the lid of the food container or jar, so you can stir the
baby food during heating.
Fill the baby bottle warmer with the same amount of drinking
water as the amount of baby food you want to warm up
(for example, to warm up 125ml/4oz of baby food, you need to use
125ml/4oz of drinking water). If you want to warm up a large
amount of baby food, the maximum water level is approximately
1cm/0.4 inches under the rim of the baby bottle warmer (which
corresponds to adding 160ml/4.5oz of drinking water). An accurate
water level ensures correct warming performance. (Fig. 16)
Select the baby food warming setting (Fig. 17).
Press the on/off button to switch on the appliance. The light in the
progress indicator shows that the baby bottle warmer is on (Fig. 18).
Note: The baby bottle warmer starts warming up right after you press the
button. Due to the large variety of baby food consistencies, it is not possible for
the appliance to detect exactly how long the baby food should be warmed.
The progress indicator starts to fill gradually with white light to
show the progress of the warming process. During the warming
process, do not take the jar or container out of the baby bottle
warmer but stir the baby food while the jar or container is still
in the baby bottle warmer (Fig. 19).
Note: You can start stirring the baby food once the second segment of the
progress indicator lights up continuously. Stirring before this moment is not
effective as the temperature of the baby food is still too low.
Caution: Do not take the food container or jar out of the baby bottle
warmer during warming.


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