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Preparing Your Vxi System For Use; Ac Power Requirements; Positioning The Mainframe For Adequate Cooling - HP E8402A User And Service Manual

Vxi c-size mainframe
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Preparing Your VXI System for Use

AC Power
Positioning the
Mainframe for
Adequate Cooling
18 Getting Started
The HP E840xA mainframes are shipped from the factory ready to use. This
section describes important mainframe installation procedures.
The HP E840xA mainframes can be operated at line voltages of
90 VAC to 264 VAC, and line frequencies of 47 Hz to 66 Hz. The
mainframe can also operate at 360 Hz to 440 Hz with line voltages of
90 VAC to 132 VAC.
The mainframes ship with a power cord and with a fast blow fuse installed.
The fuse is suitable for all line voltages. The fuse is not user replaceable.
Refer to "Replacement Power Cords" on page 215 for additional
information on E840xA power cords and on fuse replacement. Appendix A
contains complete input power specifications.
The power cord is the only way to disconnect the mainframe
from AC power and, therefore, it must be accessible to the
operator at all times. When the HP E840xA mainframes are
mounted in a system cabinet, the power cord need not be
accessible since the cabinet must have its own disconnect
VXI instruments are cooled by air drawn through the back of the mainframe
and exhausted out the sides. The power supply is cooled by air drawn from
the right side (facing the mainframe) and exhausted out the left side. When
placing the mainframe on a work bench or if the mainframe is rack mounted,
provide at least a one inch clearance at the back and sides to allow for proper
air flow.
Air filters are not necessary on these mainframes. However, an optional air
filter kit (mainframe option 938 or HP E8401-80938) is available for use in
harsh environments. The airflow is restricted less than 10% with the air filter
installed. Refer to "HP E840xA Air Filter Kit" on page 248 for installation
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