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Bios Errors And Warnings; Removing A Dimm - HP Z210 Maintenance And Service Manual

Convertible mini tower workstation.
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BIOS errors and warnings

The BIOS generates warnings/errors on invalid memory configurations:
If the BIOS can find a valid memory configuration by disabling plugged-in memory, it does so and
reports a warning during POST. The workstation can still be started. The warning will indicate the
location of the failed DIMM on the system board or memory riser.
If there is no way for the BIOS to obtain a valid memory configuration by disabling plugged-in
memory, the BIOS halts with a diagnostics code for memory error (five beeps and blinks).

Removing a DIMM

To remove a DIMM:
Disconnect power from the workstation (see
unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet before removing or installing memory. The
workstation will not recognize the memory changes if the DIMM is damaged.
Remove the side access panel (see
Push gently outward on the DIMM socket levers (1) as shown in the following figure.
Figure 5-25
Lift the DIMM straight up (2) and out of the socket, then store the DIMM in an antistatic bag.
Chapter 5 Replacing components
To prevent possible electrical damage to the DIMMs, power off the workstation and
Removing the side access panel on page
Removing a DIMM
Predisassembly procedures on page


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