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Failsafe Boot Block Rom; Recovering The Computer From Boot Block Recovery Mode - HP Z210 Maintenance And Service Manual

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FailSafe Boot Block ROM

The FailSafe Boot Block ROM enables system recovery in the unlikely event of a ROM flash failure. For
example, if a power failure occurs during a ROM upgrade, the Boot Block uses a flash-protected
section of the ROM to verify a valid system ROM flash when power is restored to the computer.
If the system ROM is valid, the computer starts normally.
If the system ROM fails the validation check, the FailSafe Boot Block ROM provides enough support to
start the computer from a BIOS image CD created from a SoftPaq. The BIOS image CD programs the
system ROM with a valid image.
When Boot Block detects an invalid system ROM, the computer power LED blinks red eight times and
the computer beeps eight times; then the computer pauses for two seconds. On some models, a Boot
Block recovery mode message appears.
In preparation for system recovery, use the BIOS CD media file in the SoftPaq to create a BIOS image

Recovering the computer from Boot Block Recovery mode

To recover the computer after it enters Boot Block recovery mode:
Remove any media such as USB keys or disks in the optical disk drives.
Insert a BIOS image CD into the CD drive. You can also use USB media such as an HP DriveKey.
Power off, then power on the computer.
If no BIOS image CD or USB media is found, you are prompted to insert one and restart the
If a setup password has been established, the Caps Lock light illuminates and you are prompted
for the password.
Enter the setup password.
If the computer starts from the CD or USB media and successfully reprograms the ROM, three
keyboard lights illuminate. A rising-tone series of beeps also signals successful recovery.
Remove the CD or USB media and power off the computer.
Restart the computer.
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