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HP Z210 Maintenance And Service Manual Page 41

Convertible mini tower workstation.
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Table 4-1
Computer Setup (F10) Utility menu descriptions (continued)
Ignore Changes
and Exit
Save Changes
and Exit
Storage Options
DPS Self-test
Exits computer setup without applying or saving changes.
Saves changes to system configuration and exits the computer setup.
Lists installed SATA storage devices and provides specific information about each device:
Hard Disk—Provides information about the hard disk drives.
CD-ROM—Provides information about the optical disk drives.
Default Values—Resets devices to their default configuration (SATA is the default).
Translation Mode
configure a formatted SATA or USB mass storage device. This prevents you from
needing to know how the mass storage device was formatted. Options are
Automatic (default), Bit Shift, LBA Assisted, User (Cylinders, Heads, Sectors), and
Ordinarily, you should not change the translation mode selected by the BIOS. If
the selected translation mode is not compatible with the translation mode that was
active when the drive was partitioned and formatted, the data on the disk
becomes inaccessible.
Provides these options:
Removable Media Boot (Enabled/Disabled)—Enabling allows the workstation to boot
from removable media, such as a USB flash drive.
SATA Emulation—Sets the SATA emulation mode with the following options:
RAID + AHCI—both the RAID and AHCI OPROMs execute. This emulation mode is
the default and offers the best performance and most functionality.
IDE—offers standard SATA support. Some higher-numbered SATA ports may not
be available in this mode.
eSATA Port—Displays the internal SATA port(s) that are configured to operate as
eSATA. Changing this to None provisions the port(s) as internal SATA.
Max eSATA Speed—Configures eSATA port speeds:
Gen 2 (3.0 Gbps)
Gen 1 (1.5 Gbps)
Select a drive—Lets you execute self-tests on SATA hard drives capable of performing Drive
Protection System (DPS) self-tests.
This selection appears only when the system has one or more drives capable of
performing the DPS self-tests.
—Enables the BIOS to determine the translation mode used to
The Computer Setup (F10) Utility


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