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HP Z210 Maintenance And Service Manual Page 136

Convertible mini tower workstation.
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Table 6-4
Dim characters
Blurry video or requested
resolution cannot be set.
The picture is broken up, rolls,
jitters, or flashes.
Vibrating or rattling noise coming
from inside a CRT monitor when
powered on.
Clicking noise coming from inside
a CRT monitor.
High pitched noise coming from
inside a flat-panel monitor.
Fuzzy focus; streaking, ghosting,
or shadowing effects; horizontal
scrolling lines; faint vertical bars;
or unable to center the picture on
the screen (flat-panel monitors
using an analog VGA input
connection only.)
Some typed symbols do not
appear correctly.
Chapter 6 Diagnostics and troubleshooting
Display problems (continued)
The brightness and contrast
controls are not set properly.
Cables are not properly
If the graphics controller was
upgraded, the correct video
drivers might not be loaded.
Monitor cannot display
requested resolution.
The monitor connections might
be faulty, or the monitor might
be incorrectly adjusted.
Monitor must be degaussed.
Monitor degaussing coil has
been activated.
Electronic relays have been
activated inside the monitor.
Brightness and contrast
settings are too high.
Flat-panel monitor's internal
digital conversion circuits
might be unable to correctly
interpret the output
synchronization of the
graphics card.
The font you are using does
not support that symbol.
Adjust the monitor brightness and contrast controls.
Verify that the graphics cable is connected to the graphics
card and the monitor.
Install the video drivers included in the upgrade kit, or
download and install the latest drivers for your graphics
card from
Change the requested resolution.
Be sure the monitor cable is securely connected to the
In a multiple CRT monitor system, ensure that the
monitors' electromagnetic fields are not interfering
with each other . Move them apart if necessary.
Move fluorescent lights or fans that are too close to
the CRT monitor.
Degauss the monitor.
None. It is normal for the degaussing coil to be activated
when the monitor is powered on.
None. It is normal for some monitors to make a clicking
noise when turned on and off, when going in and out of
Standby mode, and when changing resolutions.
Lower brightness and contrast settings.
Select the monitor's Auto-Adjustment option in the
monitor's onscreen display menu.
Manually synchronize the Clock and Clock Phase
onscreen display functions.
Download SoftPaq SP22333 to assist with the
Use the Character Map to locate and select the
appropriate symbol.
Select Start>All Programs> Accessories>System
Tools>Character Map. You can copy the symbol from
the Character Map into a document.


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