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HP Z210 Maintenance And Service Manual Page 57

Convertible mini tower workstation.
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Enabling DriveLock
To enable and set the DriveLock user password:
Power on or restart the computer.
As soon as the computer is powered on, press and hold
(F10) Utility. Press
If you do not press
If you are using a PS2 keyboard, you might see a keyboard error message. Disregard it.
Select Security>DriveLock Security.
For each DriveLock-capable drive, select a drive by pressing
Under Enable/Disable DriveLock options, select Enable, and then press
for a specific drive.
Enter a new user password, and then press
characters long.
Enter the password again in the Enter New Password Again field. If you forget this password, the
drive is rendered permanently disabled.
Select File>Save Changes and Exit, and then press F10. After you press F10, the computer
performs a cold start before invoking the DriveLock function.
You can also use this process to set the DriveLock master password by selecting Master in Step
When the computer starts, you are prompted to enter the DriveLock password for each DriveLock-
capable drive for which you have set a password. You have two attempts to enter the password
correctly. If the password is not entered correctly, the computer attempts to start anyway.
However, the boot process most likely fails because data from a locked drive cannot be accessed.
In a single drive computer, if the drive has DriveLock enabled, the computer might not be able to
boot to the operating system, and might try to boot from the network or from another storage
device (depending on the boot ordering options). Regardless of the outcome of the start attempts,
the drive-locked drive remains inaccessible without the DriveLock password.
In a two-drive computer that has a boot drive and a data drive, you can apply the DriveLock
feature to the data drive only. In this case, the computer can always start, but the data drive is
accessible only when the DriveLock password is entered.
Cold starts require that you enter DriveLock passwords. However, DriveLock passwords are also
required for warm starts. For example, if you boot to DOS and press Ctrl+Alt+Del, you must enter
the DriveLock password before the computer completes the next start cycle. This warm-start
behavior is consistent with the DriveLock feature.
to bypass the title screen, if necessary.
at the appropriate time, you must restart the computer, and then press and
again to access the utility.
Forgetting the DriveLock password renders the drive unusable.
until you enter the Computer Setup
to accept.
to accept. This password may be 1 to 32
to enable DriveLock
Desktop management


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