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HP Z210 Maintenance And Service Manual Page 43

Convertible mini tower workstation.
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Table 4-1
Computer Setup (F10) Utility menu descriptions (continued)
Password Options This option becomes available depending on the presence of setup or power-on passwords.
Smart Cover
Device Security
USB Security
Slot Security
Network Boot
System IDs
It provides these options:
Lock Legacy Resources (Enabled/Disabled)—Prevents the operating system from
changing resources to serial, parallel, or diskette controller. (Appears if a setup
password is set.)
Setup Browse Mode (Enabled/Disabled)—Lets you view but not change the F10 Setup
Options without having to enter the setup password. (Appears if a setup password is
Password prompt on F9, F11, and F12 (Enabled/Disabled)—Lets you access menus
without entering the setup password.
Network Server Mode (Disabled/Enabled)—Enables network server mode. (Appears if
a power-on password is set.)
Lets you enable/disable the cover removal sensor
Makes the following devices available or hidden to the computer:
Embedded Security Device (hidden by default)
System Audio
Network Controller
SATA ports
With the exception of Embedded Security Device (TPM), Device Available is the default
setting for all devices (allows the operating system to access the device). Device Hidden
disables the device by the BIOS so that the operating system can no longer enable the
An entry for enabling DriveLock appears in the setup menu if the computer has a
DriveLock-compatible hard disk drive.
Set workstation USB ports to Enabled/Disabled:
Front USB Ports
Rear USB Ports
Accessory USB Ports
Lets you disable any PCI or PCI Express slot.
Lets you enable/disable the ability to boot from the network using the
Provides these options:
Asset Tag—A user-editable, 16-byte string identifying the computer.
Ownership Tag—A user-editable, 80-byte string identifying ownership of the computer.
This tag appears on the screen during POST.
Universal Unique Identifier (UUID)—An ID number set in the factory that uniquely
identifies the computer.
Keyboard—Lets you set the keyboard locale for System ID entry.
The Computer Setup (F10) Utility
key or the boot


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