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47. Remove the cap from the detector weldment
top opening.
48. Use an inert gas to blow out the detector weld-
ment, cleansing it of any debris.
49. Ensure that there is no debris in the detector
50. Install a new jet in the detector weldment. (Al-
though installation of a new jet is highly recom-
mended, the old jet may be cleaned and in-
stalled at the operator' s discretion. Use an
approved solvent and a cleaning wire to clean
Do not over- tighten the jet! Over- tightening may permanently deform and damage the jet, the
detector base, or both.
51. Install the replacement jet finger- tight. (Use
two fingers on the 1/4- inch nut driver to obtain
this tightness).
52. Tighten the jet 1/8- turn past finger- tight using the nut driver.
The following steps require protection against ESD (Electro- Static Discharge). Use a
grounded wrist strap (part no. 9300- 0969 - large, or 9300- 0970 - small) connected to a
suitable ground. Failure to heed this caution may result in damage to the instrument.
When storing or in between handling of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), always place them in
static control envelopes or enclosures.
53. Install the FID detector PCB by sliding it into its
mounting location on the main PCB (at the right
side of the instrument). Installation of the PCB
will insert the interconnect into the thermal
strap. Use caution to avoid damaging the
spring at the end of the interconnect.
54. Tighten the screws on the clamps which secure
the interconnect to the thermal strap.
55. Secure the collector mount to the thermal strap
using three screws. (Be certain that the interconnect spring contact to the detector PCB is in
contact with the groove on the collector.
56. Tighten the screws which secure the interconnect clamps to the thermal strap.
57. Remove the cap from the base of the detector weldment (inside the column oven).
58. Install the column and any other associated hardware removed in step 5 of this procedure.
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