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Pcoc Epc/mpc Troubleshooting - HP 5890 SERIES II Service Manual

Gas chromatograph.
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The Programmable Cool On Column (PCOC) injection port is designed to allow the injection syringe to
admit sample directly into the capillary column(320, 200, 100 micron id). This is accomplished by the
use of an insert which serves to align the syringe with the capillary column and make a seal with both
the column and the syringe needle. Maximum sample volumes are smaller compared with other inlets,
typically in the range of 0.5 microlitre to 2.0 microlitre. The ideal volume depends on the column id, the
compatibility of the sample solvent and the stationary phyase, sample concentration, stationary phase
film thickness, and column flow rate. Usually the smaller the sample the better, providing that sensitivity
requirements are met.
The Programmable Cool On Column injection port operates by forward pressure control of the inlet and
the inclusion of a preset foward pressure contolled septum purge vent carries septum bleed out to vent.
A typical example of pressure setting and associated flows would be: 50psi for the carrier with a setting
of 10 to 20psi in the injection port. This will also yeild a 10 to 20 ml/min septum purge vent flow.
Expected ranges of operation follow:
Temperature Control
Range: Ambient +4 Degrees C to 450 Degrees C
Temperature Programming: 0 to 100 Degrees c/minute
Typical Cooling Rate:
oven fan only(Standard) 10.5 mins
CO2 Cryo Blast
LN2 Cryo Blast
Oven Track Mode(Standard): Injection prot temperature is adjusted real time to lead oven temperature
program by 3 Degrees C.
Pressure Control
Flow range(dependent on column):
Pressure Programming: 0.01 to 99psi/minute
Retention Time Reproducibility
*Average performance for C10 - C40 hydrocarbon mixture.
0.001 - 0.002 minute
Repeatability of Set Point Values
Stability over 72 hours
Pressure Noise (high frequency)
Average Linearity(2- 80psi)
Midrange Accuracy(20- 40psi)
Pressure recovery after system disturbance
Repeatability of set point value agter septum change and 5- minute equilibration
1. Manual Pressure Control:
Electronic Pressure Control:
Manual Pressure Control
12 hours to 100%
Artisan Scientific - Quality Instrumentation ... Guaranteed | (888) 88-SOURCE |
7.5 mins
4.5 mins
1 to 100 psi
10- 250 ml/min
0.001 - 0.004 minutes.*
<0.060 psi (0.42kPa)
<0.025psi (0.17kPa)
<0.100psi (0.7kPa)
0.1- 0.2psi(0.7- 1.4kPa)
1 minute to 99%
SVC 3- 2
Most compounds



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