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Setting The Gain Calibration Value - HP 5890 SERIES II Service Manual

Gas chromatograph.
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2. DISCONNECT the gas source to the particular flow channel being calibrated. DO NOT trust an
on/off valve, pressure regulator, or mass flow controller to be an effective shutoff device; ANY
gas flowing through the EFS will invalidate the ZERO calibration value. Disconnect the source
at any convenient point (e.g., at the connection of the supply line into the instrument).
3. Locate the EFS module and note its labelling: CHANNEL A/CHANNEL B, IN/OUT. For the chan-
nel being calibrated, locate and disconnect its OUT fitting; use two wrenches in opposition to
prevent twisting the tubes.
4. Install the EFS flow- measuring adapter (Part No. 05890- 80620) into the female OUT fitting to
the EFS module. Connect a bubble flow meter to the adapter.
Allow ample time (up to 1/2- hour) for residual gas within connected plumbing to bleed off.
Verify that absolutely NO flow is observed at the connected bubble flow meter.
6. Assuming there is no gas flow through the channel being calibrated, press
board. This updates the ZERO calibration value.

Setting the GAIN Calibration Value

After the ZERO calibration value is set at zero flow rate through the given channel, the GAIN calibration
value must be set, based upon a measured flow rate.
1. At the keyboard, press
observed flow rate through the channel, and the current GAIN calibration value for the channel).
2. Connect the gas supply to the channel being calibrated.DO NOT connect the OUT fitting for the
particular channel.
3. Using a suitable flow- measuring device (accurate to better than 1 ml/min) connected at the
OUT fitting for the given channel, adjust flow through the channel so measured flow rate is ap-
proximately in the middle of the range to be used. For example, if the range of flow rates to be
used is between 50 and 150 ml/min, measured flow rate should be adjusted to about 100 ml/
Press I
After obtaining the desired flow rate, press
ting the GAIN value.
EFS channel A is assumed. Press
4. Allow ample time for the flow rate to equilibrate (no drift should be observed).
5. Assuming no drift in measured flow rate, note the flow rate value at the connected flow- mea-
suring device. Enter this measured value through the keyboard:
Measured Value
Upon pressing
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: GAIN A (or GAIN B) is displayed, followed by two values (the
to access the timer function.
, CALIBRATING is displayed.
SVC 3- 23
if Channel B is being calibrated .
at the key-
:to return to set-



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