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Panasonic DBS 40 Operating Manual Page 257

Digital business system.
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Section 700 - Operation
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. With CPC-A and CPC-B Versions prior to 2.0, calls cannot be forwarded
to an extension that already ha5 call forwarding activated. In other words,
phone "A" could only forward to phone "B" if phone "B" was not
Beginning with CPC-B Version 2.0, calls can be forwarded to extensions
that have call forw*arding activated. For example, phone "A" can be
forwarded to phone "B," even if phone "B" is forwarded to voice mail.
For example, phone "A" can be forwarded to phone "B." even if phone
trunk calls display "CFWD NNN XXXXXX," where "NNN" = the
extension that forwarded the cdl and "XXXXXX" = the trunk name or
in CPC-A and UC-B Versions prior to 5.0. DND and Absence Messages
cancel Call Forwarding.
Beginning with CPC-B Version 5.0, calls to an extension with DND or
Absence Message turned on are treated differently, depending on
they are trunk or intercom calls. httercom calls receive busy tone: trunk
The following types of inconling trunk calls follow permanent call forward
Voice calls do not forward when Call Forwarding--No Answer is used.
Extensions for which Call Forwarding-External has been set cannot:
Be in the middle of an outside call when the feature is activated.
Wave a toll restriction setting that prohibits outside calls.
Calls can be forwarded to a third-party voice mail with the "Call Forward
ID Code" described on page 2- 13,
Beginning with CPC-AJI and CPC-B Version 7.0, all call types can be
forwarded outside using speed dials. However, if Least Cost Routing is
activated, dial "9" trunks cannot be used. Select another trunk group
instead (8 l-86).
Chapter 6. SLT Features


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