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Bosch PHO 30-80 Operating Instructions Manual page 10

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Apply the machine to the workpiece only when
switched on.
Use only sharp planing blades.
Always hold the machine firmly when working
and ensure a secure stance.
Keep hands away from rotating parts.
Secure the workpiece. A workpiece clamped
with clamping devices or in a vice is held more
secure than by hand.
The planer base blate 12 must lay flat on the
surface when working.
Never plane over metal objects such as nails
or screws.
Do not allow fingers to enter the chip ejector 3.
Always switch the machine off and wait until it
has come to a standstill before placing it down.
Wait for the cutter to stop before setting the
tool down. An exposed cutter may engage the
surface leading to possible loss of control and
serious injury.
For stationary use as a surface or panel planer
with appropriate accessories:
- Pull the mains plug before mounting.
- Use the blade-shaft protector at all times.
- Work small workpieces only with a suitable
feeding device, e. g. a piece of wood.
- Use the switching device belonging to the
Never allow children to use the machine.
Bosch is only able to ensure perfect operation
of the machine if the original accessories in-
tended for it are used.
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Initial Operation
Observe correct mains voltage: The voltage of
the power source must agree with the voltage
specified on the nameplate of the machine.
Equipment marked with 230 V can also be con-
nected to 220 V.
Switching On and Off
To start the machine, press the lock-off button 8
against starting first, then press and hold the
On/Off switch 9.
To switch off the machine, release the On/Off
switch 9.
For safety reasons the On /Off switch of the
machine cannot be locked; it must remain
pressed during the entire operation.
Adjusting the Planing Depth
The planing depth can be adjusted variably from
0 – 3.0 mm with the adjustment knob 5, using the
planing depth scale 6 (scale graduation =
0.1 mm):
Rotation in counterclockwise direction
reduces the planing depth
Rotation in clockwise direction
creases the planing depth
Dust/Chip Extraction
(see figure
Before any work on the machine itself, pull
the mains plug.
The dust that is produced while working can
be detrimental to health, inflammable or ex-
plosive. Suitable safety measures are re-
Examples: Some dusts are regarded as carci-
nogenic. Use suitable dust /chip extraction
and wear a dust respirator.
Clean the chip ejector 3 regularly. Use a suitable
tool (e. g. piece of wood, compressed air, etc.) to
clean clogged chip ejector. Do not allow fingers to
enter the chip ejector 3.
To ensure optimum extraction of chip /dust chips,
attach the vacuum hose 20 or the chip/dust
bag 21 tightly onto the chip ejector 3.
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Table of Contents