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Bosch PHO 30-80 Operating Instructions Manual page 11

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External Dust Extraction
The chip ejector 3 fits on both sides for direct con-
nection of the Bosch vacuum hose Ø – 35 mm 20
(accessory). When using other vacuum hose sys-
tems a suitable extraction adapter may be re-
The vacuum cleaner must be suitable for the ma-
terial to be worked.
When vacuuming dry dust that is especially detri-
mental to health or carcinogenic, use a special
vacuum cleaner.
Integrated Dust Extraction
A chip/dust bag 21 (accessory) can be used for
smaller jobs.
Empty the chip/dust bag regularly. Remove the
chip/dust bag, open the zipper and empty the
chip/dust bag.
Choice of Chip Ejector Side
The chip ejector 3 can be switched to the right or
left with the selector lever 7.
Always press the change lever until it engages in
the end position.
The selected ejector direction is marked with an
Operating Instructions
Park Rest (see figure
The park rest 22 allows the machine to be set
down directly after operation, without danger of
damaging the working surface or the planer
When planing, the park rest 22 is tilted upwards
thus enabling full contact of the rear part of the
planer base plate 12.
Planing (see figure
Set the required planing depth and place the front
part of the planer base plate 12 against the work-
Caution! Danger of kickback!
Apply the machine to the workpiece
only when switched on.
Switch the machine on and guide the machine
with an even feed over the surface to be planed.
To achieve high-grade surfaces, work only with
low feed and apply pressure on the centre of the
planer base plate.
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English - 3
When machining hard materials (e. g. hardwood)
as well as when utilising the maximum planer
width, set only low planing depths and reduce
planer feed, as required. Repeat the planing sev-
eral times.
Excessive feed reduces the surface quality and
can lead to rapid clogging of the chip ejector.
Only sharp blades achieve good cutting capacity
and give the machine longer life.
Continuing Interrupted Planing
The integrated park rest 22 also allows for contin-
ued planing at any given location on the work-
piece after an interruption:
– With the park rest folded down, place the ma-
chine on the location of the workpiece where
the planing is to be continued.
– Switch the machine on.
– Apply the supporting pressure onto the front
part of the planer base plate and slowly push
the machine forwards ( ). This tilts the park
rest 22 up ( ) so that the rear part of the
planer base plate 12 faces on the workpiece
– Guide the machine alongside the surface to be
planed ( ) with an even feed.
Beveling Edges
The V-grooves 13 in the front planer base
plate 12 allow quick and easy beveling of work-
piece edges. Depending on required bevel width,
use the corresponding V-groove.
For this, place the planer with the V-groove 13
onto the edge of the workpiece and guide along
the edge.
Groove to be
Dimension a
0 – 4.2
1.9 – 6.2
4.7 – 8.9
5.9 – 10.2


Table of Contents