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Tool Specifications; Noise/Vibration Information; Intended Use; Machine Elements - Bosch PHO 30-80 Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents

Tool Specifications

Order number
Rated input power
Output power
No-load speed
Planing depth
Rebating depth
Planer width, max.
without cable, approx.
Protection class
Please observe the order number of your machine.
The trade names of the individual machines may vary.

Noise/Vibration Information

Measured values determined according to
EN 50 144.
Typically the A-weighted sound pressure level of
the product is 84 dB (A).
The noise level when working can exceed
85 dB (A).
Wear hearing protection!
The typical hand/arm vibration is below 2.5 m/s

Intended Use

The machine is intended for planing of firmly sup-
ported wooden materials, such as beams and
boards. It is also suitable for beveling edges and
For stationary use, the machine can be built into
the base unit UG 37 or the surface and panel
planer attachment ADV 82.

Machine Elements

1 Fastening bolt for rebating depth stop *
2 Rebating depth stop*
3 Chip ejector (alternatively right/left)
4 Storage compartment for planer blade /
Allen key
5 Depth adjustment knob
6 Planing depth scale
7 Chip ejection selector lever
8 Lock-off button
9 On/Off switch
10 Belt cover
11 Screw for belt cover
9 • 2 609 932 233 • TMS • 12.05.03
PHO 30-82
0 603 271 ...
13 000
0 – 3.0
0 – 24.0
/ II
English - 1
12 Planer base plate
13 V-grooves
14 Parallel guide*
15 Fastening bolt for parallel and beveling guide
16 Locking nut for adjustment of rebating width
17 Scale for rebating width
18 Beveling guide*
19 Locking nut for angle adjustment
20 Vacuum hose Ø – 35 mm*
21 Chip/dust bag*
22 Park rest
23 Blade drum
24 Clamping element
25 Fastening screws for planer blade
26 Carbide blade (TC)
27 Lateral blade-shaft protector
28 Allen key
29 Drive belt
30 Large pulley
31 Small pulley
* Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are
included as standard delivery.
For Your Safety
Working safely with this ma-
chine is possible only when the
operating and safety information
are read completely and the in-
structions contained therein are
strictly followed. In addition, the
general safety notes in the enclosed booklet
must be observed. Before using for the first
time, ask for a practical demonstration.
Wear safety glasses, protective gloves and
sturdy shoes.
Wear hearing protection.
For long hair, wear hair protection. Work only
with closely fitting clothes.
If the mains cable is damaged or cut through
while working, do not touch the cable but im-
mediately pull the mains plug. Never use the
machine with a damaged cable.
Connect machines that are used in the open
via a residual current device (RCD) with an ac-
tuating current of 30 mA maximum. Do not op-
erate the machine in rain or moisture.
Always direct the cable to the rear away from
the machine.


Table of Contents