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Environmental Protection; Maintenance And Cleaning; Declaration Of Conformity - Bosch PHO 30-80 Operating Instructions Manual

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Replacing the Drive Belt
(see figures
Before any work on the machine itself, pull
the mains plug.
Loosen screw 11 and take off the belt cover 10.
Remove worn drive belt 29.
Before assembling a new drive belt, clean both
belt pulleys 30 and 31.
Place the new drive belt on the small pulley 31
first and then work it on the large pulley 30 by
hand while rotating.
Reattach the belt cover 10 and tighten with the
screw 11.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Before any work on the machine itself, pull
the mains plug.
For safe and proper working, always keep
the machine and the ventilation slots clean.
If the machine should fail despite the care taken
in manufacturing and testing procedures, repair
should be carried out by an after-sales service
centre for Bosch power tools.
In all correspondence and spare parts orders,
please always include the 10-digit order number
given on the nameplate of the machine.
WARNING! Important instructions for con-
necting a new 3-pin plug to the 2-wire cable.
The wires in the cable are coloured according to
the following code:
strain relief
live = brown
neutral = blue
Do not connect the blue or brown wire to the
earth terminal of the plug.
Important: If for any reason the moulded plug is
removed from the cable of this machine, it must
be disposed of safely.
13 • 2 609 932 233 • TMS • 12.05.03
To be fitted
by qualified
professional only

Environmental Protection

Recycle raw materials instead of disposing as
The machine, accessories and packaging should
be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling.
These instructions are printed on recycled paper
manufactured without chlorine.
The plastic components are labelled for catego-
rized recycling.

Declaration of Conformity

We declare under our sole responsibility that this
product is in conformity with the following stand-
ards or standardization documents: EN 50 144
according to the provisions of the directives
89/336/EEC, 98/37/EC.
Dr. Egbert Schneider
Senior Vice President
Robert Bosch GmbH, Geschäftsbereich Elektrowerkzeuge
Subject to change without notice
English - 5
Dr. Eckerhard Strötgen
Head of Product


Table of Contents

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